About us

Vape Challenge is an electronic cigarette news, review and community site.

We are a group of Vape Enthusiasts that saw a need for a great content and advocacy website for the vape industry. We want to create a safe and open environment where we can discuss issues surrounding vaping. We also want to build the vape industry into a well respected and thriving community. We believe that vaping is a way safer alternative to smoking, and that it has saved many years of life from the vapeaboutit.com staff.

Vape Challenge has established relationships with e-cigarette manufacturers and vendors, enabling Vape Challenge to offer challengers e-cigarette kits free of charge. Our technical expertise with both e-cigarettes and web content production enables us to provide an easy to understand but effective support program for those wishing to make the transition from smoking to vaping (using electronic cigarettes).


All program content is produced by our staff. In addition, the Vape Challenge review is hosted on the Ecig Advanced reviews with support for Challengers being provided by a combination of our staff and community.