The range of flavors accessible to vapers is one of the big attractions of vaping. Its beauty is that you could go out there and choose the flavor that would fit your purpose and suit your taste. The Apple Short Fill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural delivers the delicious flavors of green and red apple in every puff you take.

About the manufacturer

Frugi is an e-liquid manufacturer with its headquarters in the UK. The name Frugi was gotten from the word Frugivore, which denotes a species of mammal that survives on fruits. They are an inventive company that came into the sector with a revolutionary purpose in mind.

Their mission?

To supply a propylene glycol (PG)-free vape juice to those consumers that are PG intolerant, and as a matter of fact, their vape juice flavors are 100 percent manufactured of vegetable glycerin, making those items one of the most organic vegan-friendly e-liquids on the market.

The Apple Short Fill E-Liquid comes from the all-natural collection from Frugi, of pure and quality of natural components, with a refined natural taste as is the hallmark of Frugi.

Flavor profile

With each puff of Frugi’s Apple Short Fill e-liquid, your tastebuds are assaulted with the sour taste of the green apple, backed with the sweet juicy taste of the red apple which is left lingering on your tongue, providing the vaper with a bitter-sweet flavor sensation. Of course, the aroma of these two distinct but interwoven tastes is there, pervading the air in the gigantic cloud that you could blow up with each puff.

VG/PG Ratio

For those not acquainted with this phrase, it is the Vegetable glycerin ratio to the Propylene Glycol, two crucial ingredients, found in an e-juice. Apple Short Fill E-Liquid by Frugi has 100 percent VG. Other apple flavored vape juices make use of a 70/30 ratio, the VG being high to highlight the apple’s taste, but this specific juice makes use of 100% organic and natural components. It is ideal for individuals who are more into the organic lifestyle since there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

As a high VG e-liquid, the Apple Short Fill E-Liquid by Frugi is a vapor cloud monster, generating thicker vapor than other vape juice that has a shared ratio with the Propylene Glycol component. This surely has the attraction that cloud chasers want in an e-liquid. It also gives a smoother throat hit -it is really smooth to inhale -as it unleashes the full sweetness of the vape juice. This is the advantage of its major component being VG.

Nicotine concentration

Its nicotine strength level is 0mg, however, there is room for nicotine shots to be added for ex-smokers and others who would want the tobacco extract mixed in with their vape juice. 50ml of the Apple Short Fill is housed in a 60ml Short Fill container, complete with a childproof and tamper-evident seal. The additional space in the bottle is the allotment Frugi has granted for a single nicotine shot. Adding a 1 x 18mg of nicotine shot will boost the amount of the e-liquid to 60ml with a 3mg nicotine potency. Frugi provides various PG-free nicotine shot choices, though.


Because of the high VG included in this vape juice, its liquid is of high viscosity. Hence, smaller vaping devices cannot be used with this juice. Using a smaller vaping device with it, due to the viscosity of the liquid, would lead you to feel severe dry hits. Advanced sub ohm kits should perform beautifully for the Apple Short Fill E-liquid, which has to be vaped at a high power.


Vape Green has this fantastic product listed on their website at a price of £16.99.


The Apple Short Fill E-Liquid by Frugi has its benefit both in being 100 percent vegetable glycerin and also being exposed to Frugi’s high-quality ingredients and manufacturing. With Frugi’s expertise and top-notch skill in creating Short Fills, the e-liquid appeals to cloud chasers for its high vapor cloud production, organic and vegan vapers for its natural flavoring and component, sweet vapor enthusiasts for its flavor-defining sweetness, and ex-smokers for its nicotine shot option, all of whom are looking for high-quality products.

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