• Blu Electronic Cigarettes are becoming quite popular lately for people who are just getting into the e-cig craze.
  • Blu Cigs have an innovative charging case, glowing blue tip, and cartridges that deliver 250 puffs each, it is easy to see why Blu is such a hot item if you are looking to try out electronic cigarettes.
  • The Blu case is designed to look like a pack of cigarettes and is available in black or white. The case is used to store one complete electronic cigarette and it also has a charger for your second battery built in, so that you always have a fresh battery on hand. I found this to be very convenient, but I had to be careful to remember to unscrew the battery from the charging receptacle once the charge was complete or my battery lost the charge.
  • When you take the first draw on the Blu electronic cigarette you will notice that you have to pull a little harder than you are used to with traditional cigarettes. The vapor that is produced is not as strong as the other e-cig brands out there and tastes much lighter. Blu delivers a fairly clean draw.
  • Blu Cigs offer five different flavors for their cartridges, which are; Classic Tobacco, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Magnificent Menthol and Java Jolt. I prefer the classic tobacco flavor, but the other flavors are a nice occasional treat.
  • Each cartridge lasts for about the same amount of time as one pack of cigarettes and depending on how many flavor packs you purchase at one time you can get them for as little as $2 per cartridge.
  • Blu Cigs offers 4 different nicotine strengths to choose from, ranging from 16 mg to 0 mg, which is great if you are trying to cut back and eventually quit. My wife prefers the 0 mg e-cigs because she doesn’t smoke cigarettes but enjoys smoking a hookah.



$69.95 – $89.95


250 Puffs


1 Year


30 Day



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