Crumbleberryby The Milkman has a remarkable pastry-like flavor with creamy notes. This delicious dessert e-juice gives you the taste of fresh raspberries paired with a crispy crumble crust and a light touch of cream. The result is a perfect balance between fruity and dessert flavors that would leave your mouth watering. 

About The Manufacturer

Barbara Villegas, the inventor of Vaping Rabbit, created The Milkman line of premium e-liquid in Los Angeles. Milkman exploded onto the scene in 2015 with its iconic packaging and unique flavors that forever altering the industry. The Milkman vape juice flavors are ideal for vapers who enjoy creamy treats.

Flavor Description

When vaping Crumbleberry by The Milkman, your taste buds is treated to a freshly baked pie flavor that invades your senses and takes you on a flavorful journey. This is arguably the most accurate-tasting pie e-liquid on the market today. When you exhale, the rich and fluffy cream flavor comes into play. Overall, this is a top-shelf e-juice.

VG and PG Ratio

Crumbleberry contains 99 percent VG ratio and 1 percent PG. This makes it ideal for people with PG sensitivity. This e-liquid produces dense vape clouds. It also means that the ejuice is ideal for sub-ohm vaping.

Nicotine Concentration

Crumbleberry by The Milkman is a shortfill e-liquid and it comes with a free nicotine shot included in the pack. By adding the nicotine shot, you get a 3mg/ml nicotine concentration. The best part is that since it is a shortfill, you still have the choice to use no nicotine at all or to use a nicotine shot with a higher concentration level.

Availability and Pricing

Crumbleberry by The Milkman comes in a 60ml bottle that is filled with 50ml of ejuice. The remaining 10ml is left on purpose for you to add a nicotine shot to reach your desired nicotine strength.

You can buy a bottle of this e-juice for $24.99 at the West Coast Vape Supply online store. This store offers huge discounts and speedy delivery of orders.

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