When we talk about vaper’s preferences on their e-liquids, most are leaning towards the stronger and bolder flavors to somehow make up for the throat hit they get from a regular smoke. That’s a natural reaction so they can simulate that kick on the back of the throat, however, on the other end of the spectrum; there is a market for gentler e-liquid flavors. Some vapers find fruity and creamy flavors appealing, and some would take this in between stronger liquids to somehow cleanse their palate and rest their throats. For those who belong on this side, I would recommend mixing creaminess with a touch of a fruity essence so the flavor would still be there and not end up too gentle. I happen to have found a good mix from Northland Vapor’s Apex collection called the Happenstance. You can get this e-juice and many other products with a 15% discount if you go tho their website and subscribe to their newsletter. I subscribed to the newsletter and love the weekly offers and discounts that I am receiving. I save a ton of money now on my vaping products from Northland Vapor

Flavor Review: Happenstance (7/10)

A simple description of the flavor from their page says it is an exotic creamy vape with layers of black currants and fresh fig.  It sounded too interesting to pass up. I would say it is a good flavor for those who like sweet wine. It tastes so natural, unlike other fruity flavors which would sometimes come up too fruity or borderline candy sweet. The black currant’s taste is softened by the creaminess and the fresh fig twist. As you inhale, you can feel its cream blend. Then the mild berry flavor kicks in as you exhale. I can describe the taste as very classy and rich; it does not taste synthetic at all. But I wouldn’t suggest going beyond 12mg of nicotine with this. Otherwise, it would be too harsh for the throat.

Aroma Review: Happenstance (7/10)

Without a doubt, this has a very light and fresh scent. It falls along the notes of berries, coconut, and wood notes making it very pleasant to smell. This is packaged in 2 bottles with 30ml and 120ml variants. The bottle’s cap is attached to the dropper, and the bottle is a lovely hue of blue. I uncapped this a little over a week upon receipt of the goods since I was still on a holiday when these was delivered. And when I uncapped it, the smell was very light. It reminds me of wood musk with a tiny hint of berry, and it does not smell synthetic. It is very natural and mild – a break from all the stronger liquids I have been using mostly.

Vapor Review: Happenstance (8/10)

This one is 90 VG/10 PG in the mixture so it is thick and surprisingly, it does not gunk up my coils so much. It is still fairly easy to clean them. If you are a cloud chaser, you will enjoy the production that Happenstance gives. It is very dense and thick. I have been using this e-liquid with my DVCs at 60-62W, and I haven’t had any issues so far except a little higher wattage than this would tend to have burnt hits. Relatively, this one is excellent for those who want a more realistic looking vapor and a gentler flavor.

Happenstance is included in the Apex collection which is considered as the prime yet economical line of VPC. The line has other flavors with interesting names such as the Fluffernutter, Fruit Forward, StrawYUM, Nana’s Nut Bread, Duval’s Delight, and Pink Rain. Northland Vapor is based in North Dakota, and they seem to be active on social media. I would like to think that is a good thing so it would be easier to access and get hold of them.  So for those who are leaning towards fuller vapor and does not enjoy an anemic cloud production, I would suggest trying out this line since most are VG concentrates. And it is advisable for those who have lower immunity for allergies, too. In summary, if you are a cloud chaser taking pleasure in high smoke volume; inclined to savor sweet flavor or into mild creamy flavors; has sensitivity with high PG content; dislikes punchy and sharp throat hits, and you want all of these things to happen, then do try out Happenstance.

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