Imagine you took the Kanger Aerotank and put it on steroids, what you will get is the Aerotank Turbo. This tank is a monster in a good sense. It can hold up to 6ml of e-juice and works with two dual coils. This is one of the first tanks with quad coil technology. You can fit this atty on the most powerful mods that are available on the market today. Whether you are after clouds or flavor, this tank will do it for you. This tank is made for seasoned vapers who know about resistance and things like that.

The Kanger Aerotank Turbo is made of 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The design of this tank is very durable. There is a stainless steel sleeve over the Pyrex glass that reduces the chances of the glass breaking if the tank falls. You can change the appearance of the tank by removing the stainless steel sleeve and leaving the glass. The dimensions of the Aerotank Turbo are 78mm by 30mm. You need some really powerful mech mods or regulated mods to work with this atomizer. To use this device on an eGo battery, you will need a 510 to eGo adapter.

The Kanger Aerotank Turbo comes with a stainless steel drip tip that looks similar to the one on the original Aerotank. You can fit a 510 drip tip on this tank. The tank can hold 6ml of e-juice and has a bottom filling capacity. To refill the tank, you need to remove the base section of the tank and pour your e-liquid into the tank. Ensure you fix the top cap of the tank properly before you refill it, or you will get leakage. This Kanger tank has a leak-proof design. The Aerotank Turbo tends to guzzle up e-liquids really fast, but that is the price to pay for its quad coil design.

The Kanger Aerotank Turbo can fit two coil heads. You need to use two coil heads with the same resistance level on this tank. The tank comes pre-installed with two 2.0 ohm coils, and there are two extra coils with the same resistance in the package. These coil heads last long. For a heavy vaper, you can use this coil head for one or two weeks before you need to replace them. Since this Kanger tech uses two coil heads, you need to divide the resistance of this device by half to get the actual resistance that you’ll be vaping at. You have the option of purchasing a 1.8 ohm coil head. It is very east to replace the coils of this tank. You need to observe the proper safety precautions when using this tank. This is why the Aerotank Turbo is not recommended for beginners. The coil heads that come with the Aerotank Turbo are compatible with the Aerotank, Protank 3, Protank 3 Mini, TD3, Evod 3, and Evod Glass.

The Kanger Aerotank Turbo has an improved adjustable air flow system compared to its predecessors. You will find five air holes on the lower area of the tank. There is an air flow ring that you can use to adjust the amount of air flow that you are getting. You can choose to leave all the five air holes open or close them up. With the air holes wide open, this Kanger tank is suitable for cloud chasers.

The Aerotank Turbo is the kind of tank to add to your vaping kit when you want to get the true flavor of your e-juice. This Kanger tank is usually priced at about $49.99 in some online vape shops, but you can get it on Vape Fu for just $29.99.

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