Don’t Be Left in The Smoke

Everywhere you go, it seems like you’re seeing more and more clouds of vapor being blown at street corners, at bus stops, and in smoking areas. Smokers are switching to vaping at an exponential rate, plain and simple.

You might be a smoker looking to join the many who’ve already made the switch, but where do you start? You may want to try, but feel uneasy dropping the greenbacks to buy a shiny new vaporizer, let alone know which one to get! This post will guide you to starting off right so you’re not left behind in the smoke.

The Vaporizer With The Bang For Your Buck!

Kanger Dripbox starter kit

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at first. There are so many different options that even the pros have a hard time keeping up with the latest gear. Which is why I recommend you begin with the Kanger Dripbox starter kit ($64.99) at cape vaping supplies

What’s In The Box

For a little more than the price of two cartons of cigarettes, you get:

1. Easy DIY RBA base
2. Juice capacity 7.0mL
3. MTL and DL drip tip
4. Squeeze to adjust your E-liquid
5. Replaceable dual 18650
6. Disposal Dripping coil
7. No more dripping, Easy Juice filling,
8. 160W output with TC

These starter kits have become better and better over the years, and much easier to use. Although vaporizers can be complicated at times, the Dripbox 160 starter kit is very straightforward. The sleek design and ease of use make this purchase popular by demand.

Don’t Get Let Down By Cheap Ejuice

It is very important that you know quality ejuice will make a world of difference for your first vaping experience. I didn’t know it until much later, but buying the $5 ejuice from the gas station will not provide the same experience as premium e-liquid.

I highly recommend you spend the extra $10-$25 on some quality e-liquid to get the real experience. Otherwise, you’ll find the vapor harsh, dull with flavor, unpleasant, and overall disappointing. I mention this because most all rookies make this mistake. First impressions are important, so don’t skimp on quality. That’s why I recommend you the e-Liquid 120ml bigfindeal ejuice by $25 for your first-time taste and flavor.

Want Something A Little Less Expensive?

For $35, I really like the iTaste MVP 20W made by Innokin. While this is a step down from the Kanger Dripbox, the MVP will still be enjoyable. Like the Kanger Dripbox, you’re able to control the wattage allowing you to get more of a throat hit that a lot of smokers like.

When you purchase one of these vaporizers, the only real con to it is the size, making it slightly less portable. That’s a real problem but doesn’t seem too significant of an issue to me. With that being said, consider the pros that make this vaporizer a nice choice. With it you get:
⦁    Significantly battery life
⦁    Refillable clearomizer/atomizer vape tank
⦁    Variable wattage
⦁    USB rechargeable
⦁    Color indication of battery life
⦁    Use the battery to charge your phone from the USB port
⦁    Ability to add a variety of different tanks
⦁    Safety shut-off when button is held too long
⦁    Digital display

Which is Right For You?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely interested in buying one. The iTaste MVP is a good purchase for it’s money, and if you do buy one, then I recommend buying the Aspire Nautilus tank ($23)  with it. Remember that the better the tank/atomizer, the better the flavor and vapor production you’ll get.

However, once you add the price of the Nautilus to the price of the iTaste, you’re rounding up a cost of $58. I recommend the Kanger Dripbox because it is that much more of an upgrade. The quality is there and it makes a world of a difference since it comes already with a premium tank/atomizer. Additionally, the Kanger Dripbox is sleeker and more portable than the MVP, which I like.

Either of these options allows you to dip your toe in without making a splashy purchase. Remember, it’s not about finding the absolute best vaporizer out there. These two are a great starting point, and you should decide what is best for you. If you are a smoker, I strongly encourage you to give vaping a try, it can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Live long, vape on!

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