Lemon Tart Shortfill E-Liquid is brought to you by Dinner Lady Desserts, a subset of the popular brand Dinner Lady. The Dinner Lady Desserts is a range that offers delicious dessert-themed eliquid blends in high percentages of vegetable glycerin (VG), all of which are manufactured in the UK. 

The eliquid consistently has amazing reviews on just about every vape store it is sold in, and it is no wonder why. From its unique smell to the delicious blend of fruit and dessert flavors, you are sure to get a good vape out of this one.

About Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is an e-Liquid manufacturer that is based in the UK. They are incredibly popular in the vaping industry, and for a good reason. They offer over 100 unique eliquid blends across 6 different ranges, one of which is this Dinner Lady Desserts. Whether you are a new or experienced caper, Dinner Lady has the ideal eliquid to suit your taste buds and satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Flavor Profile

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As soon as you open up the pack, your nostrils are graced by the sweet and savory aroma of this dessert blend. Load it up into your device and you are all set for the magic. When you inhale, your taste buds get to bask in the tasty dessert blend featuring delicious lemon pudding that is layered with a base of tangy lemon curd. When you exhale, the flavorful vapor makes its way out of your mouth, leaving behind a sweet meringue pastry flavor to compliment the lemon and leave you with a multilayered vape experience that is second to none. 

The flavor profile is perfectly balanced, making this eliquid blend a keeper. It tastes exactly like a lemon meringue pie, and ever since it was introduced into the vaping market, the flavor has not changed at all. 

VG/PG Ratio

Like earlier mentioned, this Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid is amongst Dinner Lady’s range that comes with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin, VG for short. In its case, it contains 70 percent VG, leaving the remaining 30 percent for propylene glycol (PG). Thanks to its high VG concentration, the Lemon Tart Shortfill E-Liquid is ideal for sub-ohm vaping and use in any similar device. 

Nicotine Concentration

Being a shortfill means you have complete control of your nicotine, and you get to add just as much as you desire to satisfy your cravings. That said, the Lemon Tart Shortfill E-Liquid comes with 0mg nicotine but there is additional space in the bottle for you to add your nicotine shot. If you prefer to vape as it is, then you can go ahead and load it into your vape device and vape away. 


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Lemon Tart Shortfill E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Desserts is supplied in a 60ml shortfill bottle although it only contains 50ml of the tasty e-liquid formula. The remaining 10ml of space is purposely left there so you can add a 1x10ml nicotine shot. In which case, if you add a 1 x 18mg nicotine shot, you will create a 60ml of 3mg eliquid. 

You can buy it at Vape Green for £12.99. You can also choose to mix and match and get 2 e liquids for £22. The best part is that Vape Green offers free UK delivery on all orders over £20. They also offer same working day dispatch if you place your order before 3 PM.


The Lemon Tart Shortfill Eliquid not only has incredible flavor but also prolongs the life of your coils for days, unlike other high VG blends. In the end, it is arguably one of the best lemon-flavored vape juices the vape industry has to offer.

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