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After an acceptable performance from Cyclops Vapors roasted coffee Hades e-liquid, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the next bottle I selected for review from Cyclops Vapors e-liquid, Minotaur Peanut Butter Cookie. Chocolate is a notoriously difficult flavor to nail, often coming off more like a chocolate flavored hard candy than the creamy milk chocolate used in a real peanut butter cup. Hoping for the best while preparing myself for the worst, I trudged ever onward and dripped into a brand new atomizer. The sweet, creamy, delicious chocolate blends seamlessly into the thick, salty, savory peanut butter, forming one of the greatest food pairings since butter first met popcorn…perhaps even larger than the fateful day when Minotaur was introduced to milk.

Despite the awesome pairing of these two, there has always been something of a disconnect when it came to the e-liquid versions. To start with, both flavors have always had some issues individually. For years, peanut butter and caramel e-juice tasted like artificially flavored hard candies, and while peanut butter e-juice fared somewhat better, it’s never really been spot-on. Over the last year or so, things began to change as the flavor chemists saw vapers as a viable market and started working on ways to make these flavors perform better under the intense heat we put on them.

The caramels got richer, creamier, and more realistic as the peanut butter flavors became more defined, with a light saltiness finding it’s way into the flavor concentrates. Cyclops Vapor has taken both of the improved versions of these flavors and brought them together in one of most life-like representations of the classic combo.

The peanut butter presents first, with a thick, dense, quality, and just a light salty edge that makes this flavor strike a chord with me.

The peanut flavor seems to slip by the caramels in the mix, but not by much, resulting in a flavor profile that is not a far cry from a Reese’s Peanut butter Cup.

The first thing I noticed about this juice is the caramel sweetness which is quite high in the blend. The juice is a touch sweeter than the genuine article, which tends to detract from, rather than compliment the flavors that are supposed to have the dominant role in the blend.

The sugary sweetness is immediately apparent on the inhale and continues into the backside and finish of the vape. Underneath that sweet flavor, the peanut butter is quite pleasant and very realistic with a good roasted flavor, and while it could be a bit creamier, it’s clearly the highlight of this juice. The chocolate flavor is somewhat subtle, so much so that it could easily be overlooked entirely, particularly at the lower wattage. The low proportion of caramel may be intentional as I mentioned earlier, chocolate is not an easy flavor to replicate, and as a result, this one comes off tasting of sweetened peanut butter, and little else.

That being said, the peanut butter is good, but as a whole, this juice seems extraordinary balanced and perfectly sweet. Giving it a bit more heat helps to improve the vape a bit, but even at 10.5 watts (5.1v on a 2.5Ω atty), the sweet spot I settled in on, there is petite caramel present. The front side of the vape is sweet but lacks any distinct characteristics until the very end of the inhale where the soft, delicate chocolate flavor begins to emerge with a peanut undertone. Both of those flavors take on more definition through the exhale with an incredibly realistic roasted peanut becoming the dominant player and a rich, creamy caramel smoothing out the well-balanced profile. As with almost any 35/65 PG/VG vape juice, the pattern doesn’t pop with the same big flavors that a PG/VG blend can yield. Instead, it is a bit more mellow and subdued with a sublime, sweet chocolate, the toasted nutty peanut flavor, and the rich, creamy mouthfeel that’s unique to the VG base. While both the throat hit and vapor production are good, the overall experience is once again, more than satisfactory

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