There are 3 components to the e-cigarette, the battery, atomizer and cartridge. Each item can “act up” and /or fail. Lets discuss each component:

Check to see if the battery is fully charged. Rechargeable batteries have a life span. Your battery may be over its life span and need replacing. The next most common battery problem is the electronic micro switch, this turns the battery power on and off when you inhale. The switch can get stuck or become misaligned as a result of various causes. To see if this is the problem, gently tap the battery on both ends, (DO NOT POUND THE BATTERY). If this does not correct the problem you most likely need a new battery. Use only battery chargers that are specifically designed for your model of battery.

Cartridges have a “life span”. Normally they should be discarded after 5-10 refills. The polyester fill material does wear out , causing less vapor and a bad taste. It is recommended to keep your cartridges “topped up” during use to prevent them from drying out. Again, do not over fill the cartridges, this can cause flooding and atomizer malfunction.

Atomizers are the ‘Work Horses’ for all e-smoking devices.  It is always good practice to never be without an extra atomizer on hand, since they can and will burn out over time and with usage. It is also recommended when changing E-Liquid Flavors to use a fresh atomizer so the flavors don’t mix in the atomizer, often causing a very bad tasting combination of e-liquid flavors!   Atomizers have a life span which varies greatly depending on usage and maintenance. Always keep your cartridges moist, careful not to over fill and flood the atomizer, but never smoke your e-cigarette dry, this will burn out the atomizer. The best maintenance practice,helping to keep your ‘Atty’  working at peek performance is to BLOW them out often.

1. Unscrew your Atomizer from the Battery and remove the Cartridge
2. Place your mouth over the end of the atomizer where the cartridge resides and blow as hard as you can
You will want to repeat this process several times. Excess e-liquid will be expelled from the atomizer, so it is a good idea to do this over a piece
of paper towel. It is very important to repeat this process several times in a row until no more e-liquid is expelled.
3. Wipe off the end of the Atomizer that connects to the Battery with a Q-Tip or Paper Towel that is moist with alcohol. Dry the area off.
4. Repeat step #3 on the E-Cigarette Battery where it screws into the atomizer, this help insure a good connection between the battery and atomizer and cleans the area of e-liquid residue that tends to collect here.


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