As you probably know by now, electronic cigarettes work through a battery powered atomizer that vaporizes nicotine-laced liquid you inhale. These batteries last anywhere between two to four hours depending on how much you use it and how well you maintain your electronic cigarette.

Larger batteries like those included in these kits last a bit longer, up to 8 hours possibly.

Charging your electronic cigarette battery is a critical task that must be undertaken to ensure you always have the power to vape. But be careful, many electronic cigarette smokers have at least two batteries on-hand at all times.
Fortunately, there’s no ‘danger’ if your e-cigarette battery goes dead, but it certainly poses some inconvenience.
But to avoid getting stuck with a dead battery, you need a good charger. Continue reading for some insights into the various e-cigarette battery charger options available.

E-Cigarette Battery Charger Options for All Types of Vapors

Whether you only vape at home or on-the-go, it has several e-cigarette chargers available for purchase in online. Continue reading for some quick insights into each of these options.

The following are listed in order from most to least expensive.

Personal Charging Cases – (approximately $25)

The most elaborate e-cigarette charger option(METRO Electronic Cigarette Re-Charge Pack), a personal charging case allows you to keep all of your e-smoking supplies in one place. An LCD display on the case lets you know when your battery is charged. Some of these PCC cases include a convenient LED light on the bottom, which is good for finding things in the dark.

And the best part is that you don’t always need a power cord. That’s right, a battery in the PCC case charges your e-cigarette battery. All you do is charge the PCC battery periodically. Some PCC models can charge up to 4 batteries before needing recharging itself.

Manual Passthrough – (approximately $16)

Available in both the Auto Passthrough e-Cig , a manual passthrough takes the hassle out of charging batteries altogether. Connecting to any USB port on a computer or car charger, the manual passthrough allows you to vape without having to worry about a battery at all. They’re great if you’re always on your computer or are a truck driver and always vaping while on a cross-country haul.

A/C Wall Charger – (approximately $13)

A must have for the home…an A/C wall charger gives you the most consistent supply of power for charging your e-cigarette batteries. Simply connect your battery to a Wall charger and plug your A/C wall charger into any standard electrical outlet. This provides the quickest and most reliable way to charge your e-cigarette batteries.

2-Amp USB Car Adapter – (approximately $9)

Another option, especially if you’re traveling in your vehicle a lot, is a 2-Amp USB car charger. The Car Adapter is compatible with any electronic cigarette batteries we sell. Simply plug the unit into your car’s cigarette lighter/power supply and connect the battery to the charger with a USB cable. Charge your e-cigarette battery while driving to work or on a road trip.

Universal USB Charger – (approximately $8)

A USB charger is a simplest and least expensive option for charging your e-cigarette batteries. To charge your battery through a USB charger, you will need to plug it into an electronic device with a USB Adapter, like a laptop computer. A red light shows while your battery is charging and turns green once it’s done. But one word of caution – we strongly urge you to unplug your USB charger when not in use!

As you can see here, there are plenty of options to choose from when considering how you’re going to charge your e-cigarette batteries. Always remember, you’re going to need to have something to charge them with and it’s always advisable you have an extra battery or two on hand anyway.

It’s also advisable you have two different options (A/C wall charger and USB charger for example) for both at home and on-the-go charging and for vape juice always buy the best vape juice in the market.


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