Puff Brands are one of the fast-rising brands in the industry with a reputation for releasing high-quality devices. It is highly competitive, and every time they release a new product, it is met with great enthusiasm. Adding Puff Hotbox disposable vape is like another rock to the sling. 

The Puff Hotbox vape is made by merging high performance and unique features. Boasting one of the largest vape juice capacities and quite a high puff count, this device is indeed the force in the industry. It comes in a beautifully designed container with highly attractive colors and carefully considered branding.

Product Description

Battery power

A powerful battery is an engine that runs a device, and this Puff Hotbox disposable vape has incredible battery power. To ensure steady performance, the Puff Hotbox disposable vape is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power between sessions. Charging is made possible through the type C charging port on the device. 700mAh battery capacity is a great capacity to run the device.

Massive vape juice capacity

In the list of disposables, there has yet to be a single device with a vape juice capacity as high as this Puff Hotbox disposable vape. It sits at 16ml, giving you steady puffs and long vaping sessions without refills. If you are a vaper, who fancies long vaping sessions, you know this puff hotfix disposable ticks all the boxes. Ideally, as a first timer trying to establish a good disposable that will give you a mind-blowing experience, here, you have come to the end of your search.

High puff count

Puff counts are directly proportional to the length of vaping sessions. A device that gives you as high as 7500 puffs is undoubtedly worth the praise. Puff Hotbox disposable gives a solid 7500 puffs, which stands at the topmost in the hierarchy of disposables. Every puff leaves you feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Mesh coil

If you want a device that perfectly balances vapor and flavor while maintaining high performance, the Puff Hotbox disposable vape is your best choice. This mesh coil makes your puffs so strong, and they hit the perfect spot while at it.

Salt nicotine

With a 50mg concentration of salt nicotine, Puff Hotbox disposable vape shows you meet your nicotine cravings while avoiding an overdose. This way, you get to enjoy your sessions being regulated.


The Puff Hotbox disposable vape is an awesome innovation by puff brands. It combines great design and branding, high battery capacity, vape juice capacity, and the right salt nicotine concentration. For wholesome vaping sessions, look no further because Puff Hotbox disposable vape is here for all your vaping needs. It is highly compact and fits comfortably in your hand. It is highly portable so you can tag it on all your outdoor adventures. As soon as the vape juice is completed, you can easily toss it into the nearest trash can since it is disposable. It would be best to get yourself a Puff Hotbox disposable vape immediately.

Where to purchase the Puff Hotbox disposable vape

You can purchase the Puff Hotbox disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $17.99. This is the leading online vape store that stocks premium vape devices from reputable brands. Visit the store today for multiple deals and discounts.

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