If our pets were able to speak to us, what would they say? Probably, they would want us to put more energy and resources into finding ways of taking care of their health. They would want us to show that we care by putting them into consideration. The production of CBD oil tincture by Penelope’s Bloom is a direct response to the call of the pets to care for their kind.

Penelope’s Bloom has shown so much care for pets through recruiting several lab scientists and professionals to work together and produce the best products for animal care. This is achieved through a process of research, experiments and lab tests. The many years of hard work is finally seen in the products presented by the company.

One of the popular products from this company is its CBD tincture for pets. This cheap CBD tincture for dogs and other pets is available with four different CBD concentration levels depending on the size of your pet.

The three main ingredients contained in the CBD oil tincture are Chamomile, MCT and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. The three ingredients are common in many pet supplements out there. Any pet owner that visits the veterinary certainly has an idea of what these ingredients are.

The addition of these ingredients to the CBD oil tincture also highlights the creative mindset of the company. With this product, there is rarely any need to go for other supplements. It also saves the pet owners the stress of administering multiple medications all in one day.

Another thing that comes in handy in this product is the portability. It does not have a complex packaging that requires special instructions before it can be used. The product is simplified and even the most inexperienced pet owners can use them for their pets comfortably.

In addition to all that this product offers, there is also a discount on the Penelope’s Bloom web store where you can get 15% off if you purchase a monthly subscription. This is worth it because all who have purchased this product come back to buy it over and over again. Most pet owners have replaced their previous medications with this tincture and have had relatively better results. You may also like to know that there is free shipping for this product and you only have to pay for its original price.

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