Broke Dick has made the Water Cup e-juice with a blend of good quality. There are other e-juices that the company sells but Water Cup has a unique flavor that makes vaping great. If you like fruit punches, then this is the e-juice for you. The company sought to improve on fruit punch flavor and it has made this product one of a kind. Broke Dick resides at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

Flavor Description

The fruit punch is the first taste that you recognize once you try Water Cup e-juice. The other flavors are tasted once you vape more. The mix of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, orange, and pineapple follows through once you inhale the juice. The flavor of fruit punch and other ingredients taste so natural. You get to taste all of these flavors gradually and it stays longer in your mouth. There is no chemical aftertaste with Water cup e-juice. The flavors of Water cup e-juice tantalize your taste buds. It is indeed the best cheap vape juice. There are many flavors in this e-liquid and they blend perfectly. The rich flavored mixed in this e-juice complement each other.

This is the type of flavor that you never get tired of. Water cup e-juice by Broke Dick has a complex flavor profile. This product is one of the best from the company that is based on fruit punch flavor. It has a mouth-watering aroma and is a very special e-liquid. This e-liquid has been mixed skillfully and it is manifested in the flavors. If you feel that Water Cup does not taste right, try shaking the bottle for a better mix. If you crave for fruit mixes, Water Cup e-juice can satisfy that for you. Every fruit flavor is distinct as you get to inhale the e-liquid when you vape.

Nicotine Strength

Water Cup e-juice comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentration. There is no higher nicotine concentration from this product. The 6mg version should already satisfy heavy smokers.


Water Cup e-juice gives the perfect drip for your liquid with its 70vg/30pg ratio. The thickness of its juice is just perfect for vaping. You get a lot of flavorful clouds from vaping this e-juice. The clouds look very dense and these do not dissipate right away.

Throat Hit

You get a soothing feeling when you inhale Water cup e-juice. It will not hurt your throat because of its mild hit. Your throat won’t be irritated by this e-liquid. It is a satisfying hit once you inhale the juice. It is not too weak or not too intense. The hit is just somewhere in the middle and is very mild.

 Vapor Production

The clouds coming out when you inhale Water Cup e-juice are thick. These clouds also last longer outside. The process of blowing had been made nice with the creaminess of the taste from this e-juice. You will get a lot of vapor from this e-liquid.


The cover of Water Cup e-juice bottle has a pleasant yellow color. The e-juice bottle does not come with a dripper tip. However, you may purchase the dripper tip through Broke Dick for only 50 cents together with a 120 ml bottle of Water Cup. There is also information about the product that can be found on the label. You can distinguish Water Cup e-juice right away because of the Broke Dick logo made clear on the label.


Broke Dick focuses on making premium e-liquids at very cheap prices. The company is relatively new but is already making waves in the US vaping market. Water Cup’s appetizing aroma only shows that it is made of exquisite blends. There are other products from Broke Dick such as; the 1st, the 15th, Cash Advance, Prepaid, Payday, and Overdraft e-juices.


Water Cup e-juice is sold at $22 for a 120 ml bottle. Broke Dick made sure that it sells quality products for reasonable prices. This is a cheap vape juice that is made of high-quality blends. You can purchase the e-liquid at the company’s website. You can try this product from Broke Dick and experience the great flavor mix.


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