The history of vaping is long and complex. To make sense of all the information on vaping, we’ve put a timeline together for it. This timeline will tell you everything you need to know about the history of vaping, from its beginning to the present day.

The 1930s

Joseph Robinson invented the concept of the electronic cigarette in 1927, patenting a device that used electricity to heat tobacco instead of burning it, and it was granted in 1930. Robinson’s invention was mainly used for medical purposes. He wanted to create a device that could vaporize medicinal herbs.

The 1963

American Herbert A Gilbert developed a “smoke-free, non-cigarette” device. Smoke-free means smoke without an open flame, and non-cigarette means that no tobacco leaves are used in the raw materials. But later, when Herbert looked for a company to mass-produce e-cigarettes, he did not get support. Then Herbert’s smokeless, non-cigarette devices began to fade.


Phil Ray, one of the pioneers of computing, patented a “simulated smoking device” related to a non-burning cigarette. While they did generate a slight buzz among the public, their technology wasn’t seamless enough to have widespread success. But the inventor contributed two words “Vaper” and “Vaping”. E-cigarette users have since had their own names.

 The 1990s

The early years of vaping are challenging to know much about. However, the first years were difficult because there was no’ answer to how people were using vaping in the past. Many companies try to create a device that will dominate the market and lead to breakthroughs in this new technology, and no matter how many resources they spend on R&D, no one company can create a user-friendly product for the general market. For the rest of the 1990s, e-cigarette development leveled off.


2003 was a baby year for vaping. Hon Lik, a pharmacist from northeastern China, invented the first nicotine-based e-cigarette product, which uses piezoelectric elements to evaporate nicotine by diluting it in a propylene glycol solution. His original intention was to invent a safe cigarette replacement product, allowing smokers to only inhale nicotine to relieve addiction and remove harmful substances such as tar and benzene.


The popularity of electronic cigarettes has attracted many imitators. From domestic to export, electronic cigarettes have swept the United States and other countries in the world in a few years.

 After 2018

In 2018. United States Pilot began production of “Rheostat2” electric cigalikes

In April 2019, the World Health Organization released a report stating that vaping must be allowed as part of health care to reduce the number of people who develop cancer.

In May 2019, the United States started considering health concerns about vaping when meeting with other countries about their climate change plans.

In late May, the European Union announced that they would be changing their rules on vaping, and it will now be allowed as part of health care. This was great news for all those who wanted to stop smoking while using e-cigarettes.

The future of vaping

The future of vaping is here. Vaping technology is evolving and getting better every day. As the industry matures, so will the devices and their accompanying literature. Besides the evolving hardware, many new devices come to market with advanced features like touch screens and temp control. 

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The timeline of vaping is long, but it’s also clear: technology is constantly changing and developing, so there’s always a new demand for new and innovative vaping devices and products. Vaping is still the popular choice for many people.

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