It was not until recently that I have gotten around to taking White Cloud E-Cigs for a test drive.  To be totally frank, as I try to always be in my e cig reviews; the rather crazy high price combined with a healthy skepticism about the earth shattering performance claimed is what kept me away, and I wasn’t expecting much going into this one.

That is the refrain from the brand’s own marketing and it is touted on many review sites as well but, a lot of review sites LOVE GreenSmoke also, which is frankly a load of bollocks. It is far from the best e-cigs on the market, and I DO know what I am talking about.

But enough ranting on that! This is supposed to be a White Cloud E Cig Review!

My sense about White Cloud has always been one of overblown hype. As best I could always tell it is a KR808d-1 cartomizers model (Nothing wrong with that, some of my favorite brands are as well.) I doubted the refinements could be as dramatic or justify such a price hike as WhiteCloud is asking.

There are only three kits available. The newest one is the Cirrus Omni Starter Kit model.But the popular model is Cirrus 3X Starter Kit. There are two other models; Cirrus 2 Starter Kit & Cirrus 3 Starter Kit. The first Cirrus is the one that costs less. Cirrus II is an advancement and could be a good choice for someone who doesn’t want the expense of the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit. You may think the prices are high however, the research and development invested in this electronic cigarette arguably justify the cost. Just don’t expect an e-cig that is 3X better than kits costing 1/3 its price. You are paying the premium when you choose this brand, and whether it is worth it really depends on how important certain features and characteristics are for your preferences and lifestyle (ie. It really is an amazing e-cig that is starting to be packed into such a very small size).

If you are the type who has to have the latest, smallest,  most expensive smartphone, (If you can afford it and roll that way, more power to you.) then the White Cloud Cirrus III E Cig might be your perfect pick.

The manufacturing quality, the engineering, and everything is very polished, slick, and refined.

Cirrus III is a bit smaller and not as long as the Cirrus II, plus it charges faster and draws vapor more rapidly. The e-cigarette itself isn’t fancy, being just a white item with a LED that glows amber. Similar to other Cirrus models, this model offers exceptional, two pieces smooth draw technology. You are sure to enjoy the famous White Cloud vapor that is well known as the strongest draw in the e-cig market today. In addition, its battery is one of the longest running available It does seem to last longer than batteries 30% or so larger physically. I mean it isn’t a Joye EGO or something, but it does not die a few puffs in like so many superminis.

The LI-ON cells utilized in the Cirrus III don’t require a full charging cycle or any of the pre-charge nonsense. You will be able to use it for six to eight hours continuously. For a casual and typical user who isn’t chain vaping nonstop, it is realistic to get a full afternoon of say, 4-6 hours or even 8 if you vape it like one would usually with traditional cigarettes.

White Cloud e-cigarettes produce an abundance of fresh, clean, flavorful vapor that former smokers find satisfying. There is no doubt that the brand has a devoted following.

The Cirrus III Ecig Battery offers a new shock absorption system. This helps to avoid killing your battery if you drop it. This is something that can happen too easily.  This is actually one of those nice extras that seem subtle but definitely add up.

White Cloud is reputed for their excellent customer service that really goes above and beyond.

This can be a great thing for new and often apprehensive first time users who need a little hand holding. WhiteCloud is there for you before, during, and after with whatever help, questions or issues that may arise.

Research and development comprise only a percentage of the customer service offered by this company. There’s an unconditional six-month money back guarantee. You will get a new replacement kit should the Cirrus stop functioning within six months of purchasing it. In addition, you can also get an extended warranty. When you purchase the optional ‘Assured Smoke 2 Year Warranty’, your warranty is extended to two years and you will be able to participate in the three battery exchange program after one year. You may think that the warranty is a bit too expensive however, the integrity and value of the product make it well worth the cost if you can manage it.

Your choices include 10 different flavors and five different nicotine levels. Here are the flavors that you can enjoy: Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Espresso, Chocolate, Vanilla, Whiskey, Apple, Peach, and Banana! There are many choices, so no matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something you like. Here are the nicotine levels you can choose from: no nicotine, ultralight, light, full strength and extra strength. Regardless of how much you smoked before or why you have decided to switch to e-cigs, you will surely find something that suits you.


White Cloud E-Cigs Deliver Pleasure, Quality & Style

One of the most famous and highest quality brands of e-cigarettes is White Cloud. While this brand of smoking alternative is a bit more costly than some other e-cigarettes, most experienced vapers maintain that White Cloud is well worth the extra investment in terms of performance, quality, customer service, and style.

White Cloud’s most impressive value is the proprietary, USA-made, long-lived C3X battery, which can last up to 600 puffs (7.5 hours) on a single charge. This is the equivalent of 2 packs of obsolete tobacco cigarettes. If you are a heavy smoker or chain smoker now, the C3X battery is a great choice for you because it means that you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping without the bother of having to change out your battery frequently.

White Cloud e-cig doesn’t leave an odd aftertaste as some less expensive brands do. The cartomizers produce exceptionally smooth and distinctive vapor that is really satisfying, I gotta admit.

The White Cloud Cartomizers Vapor Stack design is really quite unique. The heating coil is placed exactly in the center of the cartomizer so you get the unobstructed flow of e-liquid to the heating coil. This simple, easy design prevents overheating yet produces copious amounts of thick, rich, flavorful vapor. You don’t have to take heavy drags on your White Cloud e-cig, and you don’t have to worry that extended vaping will cause your e-cig to become uncomfortably hot to hold. This proprietary design gets the job done efficiently with a very low wattage (4 watts).

White Cloud E-cigarette Reviews Of The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit Final Impressions

I can’t honestly say that White Clouds latest Cirrus 3X Starter Kit is for everyone. It comes with lots of extra little enhancements that all add up to a rather mighty mini package, I doubt very much you will regret the decision. I went into this expecting much less, and was pleasantly surprised My White Cloud Cirrus III has suddenly become my favored super-mini e-cig that’s always on me in some pocket or other!  If you feel like spoiling yourself with a treat, head on over to WhiteCloud E Cigs and pick up a Cirrus 3X Starter Kit for yourself today.

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